Random Thoughts

Always there to make me laugh…

Moving to Kelowna has been hard. Especially with Luca, and with my job being so independent.

I felt very frustrated moving my photography business part time up to Kelowna. I always knew I wanted to keep it part time in the Lower Mainland. With my family and friends there I knew I would be down lots, and it is such a beautiful place to shoot!

I have tried networking with a few photographers in Kelowna, and haven’t had much luck. Last night and this morning I was feeling very frustrated….I would even go as far as saying I had a mini meltdown! I feel like I had to start all over again with my business when I moved here….and even though it is taken off in the Lower Mainland, I hate driving Luca back and forth, and wish it was busier in the Okanagan! It seems after a mini-meltdown things always seem to brighten up….definitly God’s work.

On the brighter side of things, I have booked 3 weddings in the Okanagan! All 3 are going to be so fun, so so so beyond gorgeous, and all 3 women are simply amazing! I am so lucky they found me and chose me, and I feel so blessed to have them! (One of them is even coming over for dinner tonight! I love it when brides become friends!!!!)

 I also have a meeting with the Wedding Cafe on Wednesday to chat with them about becoming a recommended vendor! I am so excited! Check out their website, I think it is such a great idea!

This morning, after my mini meltdown I was feeling blah and drinking my coffee and checking my emails feeling very discouraged. In the mornings I turn on Treehouse for Luca while I struggle to wake up (Some of you may know I am not a morning person!) and this morning he was just killing himself laughing, and I finally FINALLY was able to grab the camera in time to catch some photos of Luca in the morning!

Apparently this is an appropriate way to watch TV!

Someone has been watching his Daddy watch TV too many times! hee hee

I am madly working on Pam and Ray’s White Rock Engagement Photos! About 1/4 done! Post should be up for Wednesday!


You know you are a photographer when….

Writers Block…..I haven’t had it since college….but boy do I ever have it today! So this morning while surfing facebook for inspiration, ideas and most importantly to procrastinate I came across this post!

I follow a page called “Photographers Blog” And it’s just a page for photographers to share ideas, ask questions and learn more! Their status this morning was the following:

“Anyone want to have some fun? Finish this sentence (think Jeff Foxworthy’s “You know you’re a redneck when..”): You know you’re a photographer when…” I started reading the responses and couldn’t stop laughing…..almost every one made me say “I DO THAT!” or “wow I did that this morning….twice!”  Thought I would share a few for my photographer friends!

You know you are  a photographer when…..

1. When you order your children’s clothing based on whether they will make good photography props

2. When you drive down the road you think Hmmmm I have to remember that spot!

3. You only go to the beach in early morning or late afternoon

4. You notice how lovely the light from the grocery store front windows are hitting the cashier, and she has nice catchlights to boot.

5. When you walk around a marketplace and say “ohhh I wonder if a baby would fit in that?”

6. When you are driving and all you can think is “that would make such a nice picture”

7.  You’re watching tv or a movie and think to URself, how those angles are horrible, that lighting is gorgeous! Oh that bokeh is phenomenal!! (definitly did this one last night during the Bachelor!)

8. You are talking to someone and you get distracted by the fact that there is really nice lighting around them.

9. While out in a crowd you immediatly zero in on the person with a nice camera, and begin creeping to see what kind of gear they have!

10. During professional sports games, you are watching the photographers and what kind of gear they have rather than the actual game! (ALL THE TIME!)

11. When you’re in the car, let a out a blood-curdling scream, hubby slams on the brakes and you hop out of the car to snap a shot of the view.

12. When you are doing your makeup in the morning and all you can think is “man I wish I could photoshop out this zit!”

13.  You make a delicious dinner that just looks amazing but have to take a photograph of your plate first. (guilty!)

14. You no longer sleep at night!

15.  You take away your own children’s playroom and turn it into a studio for other people’s children…and feel no guilt whatsoever.

16. You pray for overcast skies on someones wedding day

17. You keep a notebook and pen by your bed in case you wake up with a great idea for a shoot and need to write it down (I have a very FULL notebook!)

18. When you get out and do more things JUST to make your blog and portfolio more interesting

19. When you hear a friend snap a picture and you hear the shutter drag and you can pinpoint how slow it was.

20. When you close your eyes at night all you see are photos being edited.

21. You have nightmares of editing disasters

22. When you are sitting in someones living room admiring the fantastic lighting, and you actually ask them if you can bring clients here for photoshoots!

I have been guilty of almost all of these, and some I fear are not far away! They gave me a good laugh this morning!

Next weeks posts will be full of sneak peeks of a family, an engagement session and some boudoir photos!! Stay tuned and have a GREAT week!

Random Friday Post!

I have a few posts already written, but they all seemed to “big” and serious for the last Friday before Christmas Eve!
Crazy hey? It has snuck up so so SO fast!

So I thought I would let you in on 10 weird things about me!

10. I wear purple eyeliner everyday!

9. I have a weakness for jelly bellies, and York peppermint patties.

8. I LOVE Jillian Michaels…like LOVE her! She got me back in shape after having Luca and I work out with her videos 3-4 times a week! (or atleast I try!)

7. Marco and I met playing University Volleyball. We started dating 4 days after we met!

6. I can’t fall asleep at night unless the room is freezing cold, VERY dark, the fan is turned on, and I am spooning with my hubby! oh yea and I bring my pillow with me everywhere, cause it’s the only one that works.

5. I only use Bic pens…the really cheap crystal ones….they are just the best! They don’t roll, and they always work.

4. I hate running. With a passion….I wish I was a runner. My Dad is. There seems to be something so athletic about being a runner.

3. Titanic is my most favourite movie in the world…everyone makes fun of me for this, but I don’t care I still bawl at the end….EVERY time!

2.I was named after a character from the “Thornbirds”, my Mom read the book in grade 11 and loved it! She gave it to me when I turned 16 and it’s now one of my favourites!

1. I carry around a planner in my purse and my entire life is in it. I would be lost without it..I wouldn’t know what I had planned, or where I was going, or anything! I love it cause it keeps me super organized!!!

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend!

A First Look?

Right now is down time for photography. Christmas orders are placed, most of the photoshoots are done for before Christmas, and everyone is gearing up for the holidays! In my downtime this year, I am doing as much research and growth as I can. I am taking advantage of this time to learn as much as possible.

I bought Jasmine Star’s Wedding Photography workshop and I LOVE IT! It is 32 videos long, and I am slowly making my way through it with a very cramped hand! I have taken so many notes, and have such a new look on shooting weddings already…how to put the couple at ease, how to make the day run smoother, how to get the gorgeous pictures you see in magazines, etc!

While watching one of her videos, I discovered most of her clients have a “First Look”. Now Iam very familiar with the idea, I just didn’t realize it was so common! I was curious to see what you all thought of this, and to get peoples opinions. Here is the feedback I got!


Alex “AGAINST! There is no way he’s seeing me before I walk  down the aisle!”


Liz said that she herself had a first look and it was the best. Her wedding day was laid out so that there just wasn’t time in between to get photos done. It made for such a relaxing day.


Chantale  said she goes back and forth with what she will do when she gets married. She likes the idea that guests don’t have to find things to do inbetween the ceremony and reception and feels it would make for a more relazxing day.


Megan “Nope! Not before! When I get married, the first time my hubby sees me in my wedding dress is when they open the church door, everyone stands and I walk down the aisle…his reaction it going to be my most looked forward to moment of the entire day!”


Angela “Definitly before.” Her and her husband Steve had a first look on their wedding day, and she said it was wonderful to spend an hour with him, and the photographer. It made for a very private, romantic hour together. And it was nice for the guests to not have to wait.


Nicole “No! Loved the look on Ben’s face as I walked down the aisle, a very emotional moment!” The pictures were a blast as we got to live in that “holy crap we are married” moment!


 Steve (Angela’s husband)  From the guys point of view! Thanks Steve! He said that it was very relaxing to have photos done before. There was still a huge thrill in watching her come down the aisle still…had butterflies in his stomach. Got to mingle with guests between ceremony and the reception. The day was such a blur, that that hour of photos in the morning was by far the most relaxing part.


Marco (my hubby!) He likes the idea. Can make the day less stressful, but is a traditional guy and wouldn’t have wanted to do it for us. Loved seeing me walk down the aisle. (awwwwww)



Me!  I go back and forth too! When Marco and I got married, we had a full Catholic mass, and a very traditional, romantic wedding. We were married December 29, 2007 (almost 3 years!), so it was a Christmas themed wedding, with hunter green, Christmas red, and ivory with gold accents! It was very formal, very dramatic, lots of candles….very warm and cozy at the same time too…one of our friends commented that our reception hall was like being inside a giant snowglobe…as we were married in the conservatory at Newlands in Langley. 

When planning our wedding, I personally never even considered a first look. I was very traditional and I wanted the wedding I had dreamt of as a little girl….with that grand entrance down the aisle….I was very caught up in the emotions and in what it meant to me to be a bride.

So we didn’t have a first look and at the time I was against them for our wedding. Now, as a photographer, I love the idea. To be able to capture a couples first moments seeing each other on their wedding day, completely private, so filled with emotion, and to have that relaxed hour to get those photos done without any stress about timing, and other guests etc. would definitly make for photos with a different feel to them.

I have seen photos from a first look and they are stunning…they are so full of love…so full of raw emotion, and looking at them they tell the couples story.

As a photographer, it also gives me more time to capture the details of the reception before guests start to arrive, I have more time to focus on other photos and capture other elements of the day!

As a past bride I understand what it means to walk down the aisle and watch your future husbands expression as he sees you as a bride for the first time….to give you a good idea of what it means to me, I am tearing up right now thinking of our wedding day! I am such a sap! If I ever get the honour of photographing your wedding, I will be crying right along with everyone else…weddings are just such an emotional, happy, joyous occasion and I love them SO so so much!

So to wrap it up, as a past bride, I love the tradition in the first look being as you walk down the aisle…I loved Megan’s comment that when those church doors open and everyone stands….that is when he will see me first! I just love that….it warms my heart!

As a photographer I love the emotion, privacy, and relaxation of a first look, I love the idea of being able to spend that intimate time with the couple, and to capture those amazing photos.  I will more than happily shoot whichever you decide as a bride.

It is YOUR day, YOU are the bride!

Which story made you tear up…when you think of your wedding day what works best for YOU! I will be so honored to share in your day, that I will get caught up in the glory of your stunning day!

* Thanks to all the future and past brides, and grooms who gave me their thoughts! I loved reading them! Would love to hear more feedback on what you had on your wedding day, what you are going to have or what friends have done! Remember every comment before Christmas day equals one can of food to the local foodbank!

Brand new “Dior” eyes!

I have worn glasses since I was in grade 4.  I found out I needed glasses on a drive to Manning Park for our annual camping trip. My sister, Chantale and I (Mo you were still too young to play) would play the “license plate game”. How this game worked was you had to find a license plate that started with every letter of the alphabet! I think my Dad made it up to stop us from asking, “are we there yet?!”

Well it worked, and we loved this game! This particular year, right before the start of Grade 4, Chantale was CHEATING! And badly cheating, she was writing down license plates that I couldn’t even see! Well when I informed my parents that she was cheating….he got me to read some passing signs and got me to tell him when I could read the license plate on the car infront of us….it was WAY after everyone else!

So off to the eye doctor I went, and I came home with the UGLIEST pair of glasses I have ever seen! (At the time I loved them, but looking back now I see I had poor judgement)  Now it was the early 90’s so you can only imagine what these glassses looked like…they were gold framed and HUGE! SO large that when I smiled, my cheek chub pushed them up higher…yep REAL attractive!

As I got older I fortunatly got many sets of new glasses! I tried contacts in grade 8 and still to this day DEEPLY HATE THEM! I have tried numerous brands and types and they are all so dry….my eyes were just not made for them! I suffer through them for a few hours a week to play volleyball and that is it!

I haven’t gotten a new pair of glasses in 4 years so this past week I got a brand spankin’ new pair….they are so different and I LOVE them! Marco wasn’t too thrilled that they were “Dior” though….oh well ;)

Here they are!

A much requested addition to Best of 2010

I am amazed by the feedback on my Best of 2010! It means so much to me! Tons of you commented that you thought Leah’s 6 month picture with the pink flower should have made the cut, so I am officially adding her!

Thanks again for your feedback and support! I have gotten some amazing compliments, and it is so touching!

The best of 2010

This year I have been so blessed. I have my dream job, an amazing husband and son, a wonderful family, incredible friends, and a lot to be thankful for as this year draws to a close. I still have a few photoshoots left while I am in the lower mainland over Christmas, but I thought I would put together my “best of 2010” before the Christmas season really got busy.

Now I am a Christmas fanatic! It is by far my favourite time of year. The house has been decorated for almost three weeks, every room smells like Santa’s cologne, our Christmas tree is lit and decorated, our railing is wrapped with lights and garland, and outside is covered in giant red bows and white lights! It is AWE-SOME!

When I sat down this morning to put together my best of 2010 folder, I planned on choosing 10 photos, well 10 turned to 15 and 15 turned to 25. whoops! I have just had too many great memories of this year…met too many wonderful people and shared too many moments with many many clients. I am so blessed to have the best clients in the world! I have truly treasured meeting each and every one of you, and look forward to what next year will bring me.

To all of you who have followed my blog this year, thank you so much. I am not a writer at all, I am not overly funny, witty or poetic, and still you read! I am very humbled, and always surprised that so many people read! Looking at the stats today, my most popular blogs are usually about my son, which makes me smile! He is the light of my life!

The 25 photos I chose, aren’t necessarily my best photos, technically or composition wise. They are simply my favourite…they are photos that spoke to me, moved me, or ones I simply fell in love with. They either made me smile, or tear up or just stop and look at for that half second longer. Yes two of them are of my son, but come on….everyone knows I couldn’t have done a best of 2010 and not included Luca bear!

Here they are, I hope you enjoy them! Would love to hear your feedback!

Merry Christmas!

The first photo was one I took this year on our annual Manning Park trip. It was our 17th year camping there, and Luca’s first time. We had a blast, and one of the most memorable spots there is Rainbow Bridge, which we jump off every year! I had to include this one for my family! It just brings so many amazing memories just looking at this picture.

A few people nominated this photo for my best of! Baby Noah was amazing to take photos of! He was such a model, and amazingly adorable!

This is one of my favourite pictures of all time! My gorgeous friend Jayme, and her amazingly handsome hubby Dylan. They modelled for me so I could build up my wedding portfolio, and wow were they ever amazing! They are just so in love, and that came through in every photo I took of them!

Celina was my first client! Her and her hubby James, now have two sons, but this photo was taken when she was expecting her second!

This one is so Lower Mainland! It just reminds me of home. In my show in Kelowna, so many people asked if it was in Vancouver! Nope! It’s at Whonnock Lake, where the bride’s Dad is actually the President! (long story! haha) They also modelled for me, and were equally amazing to Jayme and Dylan…so incredibly in love, and so perfect for each other!

I always felt this next picture just had to go hand in hand with the previous picture….just can’t have one without the other….they are a pair to me somehow!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this wallpaper! And Noahs hair! He was just so peaceful looking in every photo….such a newborn!

Gorgeous Jayme again. This one was lighting for me. It was just perfect! It always looked like her dress was glowing!

A one year old girl and balloons….need I say more? So much fun, laughter, curiousity and excitement!

Beth looked like a model for a children’s magazine! Just so serious, and full of personality. I would love to meet her again when she is older! She seems like she will be one who is wise beyond her years!

My Luca bear! Definitly naptime, and this is the face I get before naptime! It just breaks my heart and makes me want to give in and cuddle him to sleep…Everytime my Dad sees this photo, he says this face is because Luca misses him.

Gorgeous pregnant Melissa! She just had the most perfect pregnant belly I have ever seen. Both her and her hubby are firefighers, and Melissa is just the epitomy of strong, beautiful woman! She gave birth to a baby girl just last week! I was wrong!

This family just made me smile. Twin one year olds who were insanely busy, and who had the most patient and loving parents ever! The twins were just adorable, and they were just one of the most beautiful families I have ever met. This just seemed like such a private family moment together.

ah Laken! I love this photo more than ever! I still haven’t figured out if he is laughing at me, or screaming at me! Whichever it is, he is so full of emotion!

The Olson’s. Another of my favourite families. I have known them for about 5 years. They had tried to get pregnant for many many years, and were unsuccessful, so Laken is an extra special blessing to them. He is just perfect!

Tiffany and Jamie! So in love, so fun. I got hugs from both of them at the end of their shoot! I have no doubt their wedding will be a blast! Tiffany is just so gorgeous, I had to show her off again!

Luca bear again! I promise it’s the last one. (I hear both cheers and groans of disappointment! haha) Eating his dried cranberries and hamming it up as usual. This one is just so him.

Kolsen giving his Mom a kiss! Such a great family moment! From experience I know kisses from a baby are simply the best!

Oliver! Such a busy busy busy boy! I spend a good half an hour in August running after Oliver just trying to get a photo of him looking at the camera! Finally I got my blue butterfly photo! (for those who read Nora Roberts will get that!)

This one should be in the dictionary for “slept like a baby” I wish I could sleep this peacefully!

Heather gave me the honor of being her wedding photographer next year, and she expressed how much she LOVED her ring, so I knew getting some photos of it was a must.  I was very nervous as I don’t have a macro lens and I had never photographed rings before. I was so worried as to how it would turn out. Turns out my lens doesn’t do too badly! And Heather is one lucky girl. This ring is stuning!

Laken at his newborn session. Just so alert, curious, and full of life. This one to me is so exciting…it just captures the newness of babies…and the potential of their futures!

This girl just brightened up my entire month! She was so loving, and bright and amazing. She was so curious about my camera, and was just delighted when I would show her a photo of her on the back screen. It just reminds me of that day and how great it was to meet those 4 families!

Leah! My good friend Nicole’s daughter! She is just amazingly sweet! I feel like she should be having a tea party in this picture !

Brodie has the most amazing eyes. My first photoshoot with my 50mm. I loved the lens, and loved this little guy. Definitly got my workout at that photoshoot, but this photo just made me stop and love his eyes!

The Forciers! I love this photo….it is such a real family photo. Posed, formal looking photos are my least favourite, I prefer the fun, relaxed candid ones that really capture the family! I have known Vanessa for 7 years, and I love seeing her so happy, and with such a gorgeous family!

I hope everyone has a fantastic rest of 2010!