Sheree and Blake: Kelowna Maternity Photos

So I was hoping to be doing this post on my new blog, but when I went to load the photos they don’t center nicely in the middle like they do on this blog. Not sure why.  It is very frustrating! So it may be a few more weeks before the new blog is up and running, unfortunatly!

I met Sheree at the show I did at St.Josephs Elementary School back in November. She stopped by my table to inquire about a maternity session (she was very very newly pregnant then!)

I met with Sheree and her husband Blake at Knox Mountain. When thinking about locations for this session, Marco and I went for a drive one night to do some location scouting. When he realized I had never been to Knox Mountain, he drove me to the top.  I was SO excited! I knew I had to do a session here! It was stunning!!! Long grass, stunning views, thick forest, and lots and lots of lake! So I was beyond excited when Sheree and Blake agreed to have their photoshoot done there!

Sheree and Blake were amazing! Sheree is just glowing, and she has fantastic hair! :)  They are both so excited to meet their baby girl sometime around the end of May!

They were so in love! Their kissing pictures were so romantic :)

I LOVED Sheree’s choice for shirt colour! It’s her favourite colour!

Congrats Sheree and Blake! Can’t wait to hear all about your daughter when she arrives! :)


The Kinley’s: Maple Ridge 6 month photos

First off a big thanks to Luca for me getting these done so fast! He hasn’t been feeling well at all, and is on antibiotics…which in turn has had him taking 4-5 hours worth of naps since Monday. So I have had LOTS of time on my hands to get work done!

I first met Michelle, Jay and Mitchell when I took Michelle’s maternity photos way back last July! Linden made his appearance in August and I took his newborn photos last September! Michelle emailed me a few months ago asking me to photograph Linden at 6 months! Wow has he ever gotten big!

I absolutely love it when I get to photograph maternity, newborn, 6 months and on year! It’s my absolute favourite! I get to see and photograph that amazing journey from belly to busy one year old! I just love it! Watching them grow is so fun! Linden has definitly grown and has quite the fun little personality! He was full of smiles and his two eye teeth definitly make him live up to his nickname “vampire boy” haha!

Mitchell is still the proud and protective big brother! As long as I got lots of pictures of just the two of them together he was happy! They are such a great family and I can’t wait to photograph Linden at one year! Can’t wait to see the mischief he is up to then :)

I just love how smitten Mitchell is with his little brother!

Some Mama and baby photos are always a must :)

This one is by far my favourite!

A much requested addition to Best of 2010

I am amazed by the feedback on my Best of 2010! It means so much to me! Tons of you commented that you thought Leah’s 6 month picture with the pink flower should have made the cut, so I am officially adding her!

Thanks again for your feedback and support! I have gotten some amazing compliments, and it is so touching!

The best of 2010

This year I have been so blessed. I have my dream job, an amazing husband and son, a wonderful family, incredible friends, and a lot to be thankful for as this year draws to a close. I still have a few photoshoots left while I am in the lower mainland over Christmas, but I thought I would put together my “best of 2010” before the Christmas season really got busy.

Now I am a Christmas fanatic! It is by far my favourite time of year. The house has been decorated for almost three weeks, every room smells like Santa’s cologne, our Christmas tree is lit and decorated, our railing is wrapped with lights and garland, and outside is covered in giant red bows and white lights! It is AWE-SOME!

When I sat down this morning to put together my best of 2010 folder, I planned on choosing 10 photos, well 10 turned to 15 and 15 turned to 25. whoops! I have just had too many great memories of this year…met too many wonderful people and shared too many moments with many many clients. I am so blessed to have the best clients in the world! I have truly treasured meeting each and every one of you, and look forward to what next year will bring me.

To all of you who have followed my blog this year, thank you so much. I am not a writer at all, I am not overly funny, witty or poetic, and still you read! I am very humbled, and always surprised that so many people read! Looking at the stats today, my most popular blogs are usually about my son, which makes me smile! He is the light of my life!

The 25 photos I chose, aren’t necessarily my best photos, technically or composition wise. They are simply my favourite…they are photos that spoke to me, moved me, or ones I simply fell in love with. They either made me smile, or tear up or just stop and look at for that half second longer. Yes two of them are of my son, but come on….everyone knows I couldn’t have done a best of 2010 and not included Luca bear!

Here they are, I hope you enjoy them! Would love to hear your feedback!

Merry Christmas!

The first photo was one I took this year on our annual Manning Park trip. It was our 17th year camping there, and Luca’s first time. We had a blast, and one of the most memorable spots there is Rainbow Bridge, which we jump off every year! I had to include this one for my family! It just brings so many amazing memories just looking at this picture.

A few people nominated this photo for my best of! Baby Noah was amazing to take photos of! He was such a model, and amazingly adorable!

This is one of my favourite pictures of all time! My gorgeous friend Jayme, and her amazingly handsome hubby Dylan. They modelled for me so I could build up my wedding portfolio, and wow were they ever amazing! They are just so in love, and that came through in every photo I took of them!

Celina was my first client! Her and her hubby James, now have two sons, but this photo was taken when she was expecting her second!

This one is so Lower Mainland! It just reminds me of home. In my show in Kelowna, so many people asked if it was in Vancouver! Nope! It’s at Whonnock Lake, where the bride’s Dad is actually the President! (long story! haha) They also modelled for me, and were equally amazing to Jayme and Dylan…so incredibly in love, and so perfect for each other!

I always felt this next picture just had to go hand in hand with the previous picture….just can’t have one without the other….they are a pair to me somehow!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this wallpaper! And Noahs hair! He was just so peaceful looking in every photo….such a newborn!

Gorgeous Jayme again. This one was lighting for me. It was just perfect! It always looked like her dress was glowing!

A one year old girl and balloons….need I say more? So much fun, laughter, curiousity and excitement!

Beth looked like a model for a children’s magazine! Just so serious, and full of personality. I would love to meet her again when she is older! She seems like she will be one who is wise beyond her years!

My Luca bear! Definitly naptime, and this is the face I get before naptime! It just breaks my heart and makes me want to give in and cuddle him to sleep…Everytime my Dad sees this photo, he says this face is because Luca misses him.

Gorgeous pregnant Melissa! She just had the most perfect pregnant belly I have ever seen. Both her and her hubby are firefighers, and Melissa is just the epitomy of strong, beautiful woman! She gave birth to a baby girl just last week! I was wrong!

This family just made me smile. Twin one year olds who were insanely busy, and who had the most patient and loving parents ever! The twins were just adorable, and they were just one of the most beautiful families I have ever met. This just seemed like such a private family moment together.

ah Laken! I love this photo more than ever! I still haven’t figured out if he is laughing at me, or screaming at me! Whichever it is, he is so full of emotion!

The Olson’s. Another of my favourite families. I have known them for about 5 years. They had tried to get pregnant for many many years, and were unsuccessful, so Laken is an extra special blessing to them. He is just perfect!

Tiffany and Jamie! So in love, so fun. I got hugs from both of them at the end of their shoot! I have no doubt their wedding will be a blast! Tiffany is just so gorgeous, I had to show her off again!

Luca bear again! I promise it’s the last one. (I hear both cheers and groans of disappointment! haha) Eating his dried cranberries and hamming it up as usual. This one is just so him.

Kolsen giving his Mom a kiss! Such a great family moment! From experience I know kisses from a baby are simply the best!

Oliver! Such a busy busy busy boy! I spend a good half an hour in August running after Oliver just trying to get a photo of him looking at the camera! Finally I got my blue butterfly photo! (for those who read Nora Roberts will get that!)

This one should be in the dictionary for “slept like a baby” I wish I could sleep this peacefully!

Heather gave me the honor of being her wedding photographer next year, and she expressed how much she LOVED her ring, so I knew getting some photos of it was a must.  I was very nervous as I don’t have a macro lens and I had never photographed rings before. I was so worried as to how it would turn out. Turns out my lens doesn’t do too badly! And Heather is one lucky girl. This ring is stuning!

Laken at his newborn session. Just so alert, curious, and full of life. This one to me is so exciting…it just captures the newness of babies…and the potential of their futures!

This girl just brightened up my entire month! She was so loving, and bright and amazing. She was so curious about my camera, and was just delighted when I would show her a photo of her on the back screen. It just reminds me of that day and how great it was to meet those 4 families!

Leah! My good friend Nicole’s daughter! She is just amazingly sweet! I feel like she should be having a tea party in this picture !

Brodie has the most amazing eyes. My first photoshoot with my 50mm. I loved the lens, and loved this little guy. Definitly got my workout at that photoshoot, but this photo just made me stop and love his eyes!

The Forciers! I love this photo….it is such a real family photo. Posed, formal looking photos are my least favourite, I prefer the fun, relaxed candid ones that really capture the family! I have known Vanessa for 7 years, and I love seeing her so happy, and with such a gorgeous family!

I hope everyone has a fantastic rest of 2010!

Shawn and Melissa: Abbotsford Maternity Photos


Shawn and Melissa are good friends with my sister Chantale, and her boyfriend Kyle. As a shower present, Chantale bought Melissa a gift card for  a maternity session! I was so excited, I LOVE maternity sessions! Always such a happy and exciting time!

Melissa wanted lots of bare belly photos…and she has the most perfect pregnant belly ever! No stretch marks, no dark line, just a perfectly round belly! Just gorgeous! So we did the first batch of photos indoors, (and because it was raining!) and when the weather brightened up a bit we headed outside into their backyard for some outdoor shots!

Melissa is due in the next week or so! Both Shawn and Melissa are  Abbotsford Firefighters, so we included baby size fire chief boots in a few of the pictures! They both seem so happy, and ready for baby to arrive! The nursery was gorgeously painted and decorated and they had all the necessities!

Congrats Shawn and Melissa! Can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl!!! (My official guess for the record is boy!)