New Blog!

Today I launched my new blog! I am so excited and a little sad at the same time!

I am happy  because the new layout is more me, it was more customizable, it shows of my photos better, and it is what I wanted this blog to look like when I started this one!

I am sad because to have a new blog I have to give up this one :(  I am also sad because this will be my last post on this blog :( No point in having two blogs! I am sad because my new blog doesn’t have an option for people to email subscribe to my posts. So for those of you who are subscribed to this blog  THANK YOU for your support, and I hope you still find the time to follow me on my new one!

I will still keep this blog up and running so people who had their photosessions featured will still be able to share their posts!

Check out my new blog at!


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