The Kinley’s: Maple Ridge 6 month photos

First off a big thanks to Luca for me getting these done so fast! He hasn’t been feeling well at all, and is on antibiotics…which in turn has had him taking 4-5 hours worth of naps since Monday. So I have had LOTS of time on my hands to get work done!

I first met Michelle, Jay and Mitchell when I took Michelle’s maternity photos way back last July! Linden made his appearance in August and I took his newborn photos last September! Michelle emailed me a few months ago asking me to photograph Linden at 6 months! Wow has he ever gotten big!

I absolutely love it when I get to photograph maternity, newborn, 6 months and on year! It’s my absolute favourite! I get to see and photograph that amazing journey from belly to busy one year old! I just love it! Watching them grow is so fun! Linden has definitly grown and has quite the fun little personality! He was full of smiles and his two eye teeth definitly make him live up to his nickname “vampire boy” haha!

Mitchell is still the proud and protective big brother! As long as I got lots of pictures of just the two of them together he was happy! They are such a great family and I can’t wait to photograph Linden at one year! Can’t wait to see the mischief he is up to then :)

I just love how smitten Mitchell is with his little brother!

Some Mama and baby photos are always a must :)

This one is by far my favourite!


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